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When Canon Messes Up Your Fanon, Ishida Yaoi Smuts, and Pr0N meme

I can't be the only fanfic writer whose tongue curls up and whose every neurotic neuron goes totally  WAAAH, so much for that fic fitting into the canon timeline whenever Kubo reveals a little detail that conflicts with one of my stories? Of course I have tolerance for the dissonant alternate universes of Bleaches, even within my own fic---in this one, Ishida loves Orihime, in that one Ichigo, la la la, I am AUTHOR and I do as I please--but lately the flashback chapters have been bombing the hell out of lots of "How Hisagi Got his 69 Tattoo" and other such theories. The stories aren't invalidated of course--good writing stands as good writing, and fanon doesn't have to fit (or even make sense) with Kubo's paradigms in order to be authentic bleachness.

But who else out there is going nuts as your "what if" stories and pre-canon timeline stories are smashed to dust? Writers are compulsive creatures so there's that urge to go back and tweak details---then again, one of the things that makes the canon bombings tolerable is the absolute authority with which Kubo kills your backstory. I've yet to read a fic that was in the canon timeline that was better than Kubo's story. I remember writing the scene where Ryuuken gives Uryuu his powers back simply because I was tired of waiting for it and thinking damn, this is pretty good, I wonder if Kubo can do something this good, and of course, he does leagues better.

Pimping Time. nehalenia  wrote a fic based on my drawing of Ishida with the fireflies: Whatever You Want (IchiIshi, yaoi, NC17). It's ... guh ... gah. And because I didn't properly pimp the fic last time, she also wrote a really delish steaming spring and sweaty bodies fic not long ago called Sword Brothers (RenIshi, yaoi, NC17)

Take heed, Neha's fic isn't for everyone--those of you who won't like it know who you are. But if you want scrumptious, literate, goooood smut, she's your gal.

I'm still trying to learn how to write smut like that. In case you missed it, I'm still interested in responses to The Pr0n Ficcer's Meme. I caught some people filling out the meme in private LJs but it would be cool if you could answer in comments to the original post itself. Thanks.
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