nehalenia (nehalenia) wrote in bleachness,

One Question, One Observation, One Comment

Something Bleach-related has been eating my brain, and this seems like an appropriate place to bring it up.

Question: Why does Ichigo have a Quincy bedspread? (In the anime. I can't remember what it looks like in the manga.) Did I miss something? (Probably.)

Observation: So I was re-reading -104. Initially I thought that Urahara was in on the exploding-people experimentation thing, but then I noticed that we get to see their feet in one scene. And none of them are wearing geta. And in the next scene, here comes Urahara, clomping up in his geta. So, anyway, now I think it's Aizen exploding the souls. Or at least it's not Urahara. Oh, and I'm betting the smaller figure of the three standing there by the explosion is Gin.

Comment: I watched the latest filler anime. All the way through.* Does anyone else think that an armed party of Ichihime shippers has taken the D-team (or E, or F, or maybe even G-team) animation crew hostage and is, you know, influencing them?**

*If anyone asks, yes, I am taking powerful prescription drugs right now.

**Please don't flame me. I'm not anti-Ichihime, or pro-IchiRuki, or really any kind of shipper at all. I'm just a black-hearted mountain troll who gets nauseous when Bleach characters start sighing and giving each other dewy-eyed glances. Or when Ichigo -- god help us all -- smiles. In a good-natured, happy way, not in his usual "I'm gonna kick yer ass and get blood all over the place, oh yeah!" way. In any case, no disrespect is meant to Ichihime shippers. The animation crew, on the other hand....
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