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Full frontal fanart and a clue to Hisagi's 69 tattoo

I drew a fanart for nehalenia    this week. It took me all week to do it, but it was a rough week. Sorry hon, I'll consider that I still owe you one--with Renji next time and no flying insects.

Neha said there wasn't enough Pr0N of Ishida out there and if you drew it, she'd write it, so I suppose her offer still stands, ye fanartists.

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WARNING: DEFINITELY Not safe for work. Full frontal nudity. Masturbation.
Fireflies for Neha by debbiechan

ETA: if you can't see the pic at y!gallery, it's in my scrapbook, just as fully frontal here.
ETA2: Neha wrote a RenIshi yesterday and as always it comes with my highest recommendations. I was recently NOT surprised to find out Neha is RL poet because her smut bites down clean and hard and hurts so pretty.

Also, on a completely different subject, Mori at BA may have hit on the origins of Hisagi's 69 tattoo. The post is here. Spoilery for -104. Of all the talk of last week's chapter, that's the one thing that's stuck with me. I choose to believe it just because I've got a numbers fetish--I'm not into numerology but I just love numbers. Another reason I'm loving this negative numbered gaiden.
Tags: fanart, hisagi, ishida
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