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Kubo's Character Chapter Covers

No manga chapters for the next two weeks. Golden Week is so hard. In Japan, people celebrate. The rest of the world.... doesn't.

I'm jonesing already for more chibi!shinigami or backstory glimpses of favorite characters. Kubo's already given me two faves, Shinji and Gin, so maybe he'll grant another wish and show  baby Rukia and have Urahara explain why he put the hougyoku in her!

Rukia sure is a mystery.  syneiam  posted an entry in her private LJ today that contained some interesting observations about Kubo's character chapter covers and how Rukia was singled out from a pattern of those covers.  She gave me permission to re-post some of it here. Clicky on thumbnails to enlarge.

Rukia is being singled out.

By Kubo. In the chapters covers dedicated to one character.

It began during the SS arc, where the captain got cover chapters such as this one at the left.
So Kubo gave us a bunch of characters like this... Kenpachi, Byakuya, Hitsugaya, Matsumoto... captains and vice-captains get their glory moment.
And it was cool. All the shinigami covers looked like this one: with the character and his name all written in black, in his own way. It's the same 'font' if I dare say.

It was all cool and dandy.

After the SS arc, Kubo didn't stop; we had many chapter covers:

We have the Arrancars, looking all the same, written in Occidental black font. We have Inoue's, all curly and cute, that suits her (even if I find the pic of Inoue herself being... well... not that well done, for a character cover). We have Ishida's, all stylish (OMG you can't imagine how much I love his font! LOL). However, just like the others, their font was all in one tone (even if Inoue's not black, it's all in the same 'colour').

Then, we have Ichigo...

Ichigo and his hollow side. There is just no doubt about it, the inner hollow is represented by the white (he's like the anti-thesis of Ichigo, a reverse mirror).

And we have the Vizards. The only ones who have two colours for their first name/last name. Of course, I always thought that it was meant to show the duality in them (shinigami/hollow, especially since they use the 'shinigami font'). And then, Kubo throws at me this chapter cover, with... Shinji, all in black shinigami font.

So then.. Why the HELL does Rukia have two colours? Kuchiki is using the black shinigami font, but Rukia is a totally white new one. Rukia's a shinigami, yet Kubo singled her out in her character cover. Reminding us how blurry, foggy, and what the hell I want to know already what's her past is. I mean in, truly is.

One can say it's nothing serious, but if it was, she'd have black shinigami font like everyone. Is it because she's the heroine, or is it because of Sodeno Shirayuki? Or is it because of something else, that has a link to her own inner self that we'll find out later on?
It's also something to ponder about, that it's her adoptive name 'Kuchiki' that is written in shinigami font, and that 'Rukia' is written like this... although we don't even know if it's her true name!


Black and white, yin and yang--the word "bleach" has never seemed a better title for the manga somedays. The current chapters seem to be stirring up all sorts of disturbing moral gray, but something tells me that Urahara is still the good guy and Aizen is still the baddie and Kubo is still the sadistic teasing manga-ka he's always been.

*headdesk*  Why is Rukia's name in her chapter cover in black and white font? Is it just because of Sode no Shirayuki and Kubo thought it would look cool to have the white lettering? Ever since Kubo drew the title of "To Close Your World" chapter in the shape of a key, I've been paying extra attention to his lettering.  He wants us to play along, so I play along.
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