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Isshin/Masaki Fic Challange!

I have a super challenge to anyone that up to the task! 
In the midst of the side story (turn back the pendulum), I’m thinking two things:  1) When will they show Isshin and 2) what story will they have for him? So far many forums and bleach-related sites are in a fury about what Isshin's role is in the side story. And it would be so neat if someone (cough cough debbinchan >_*) would write an Isshin fic, maybe with the start of story when he met his wife, Masaki. There aren't many Isshin/maskai fics out there, and Isshin is such an enigma. 
Who would like to take the challenge? It could turn into a competition, with the readers making votes on each story… maybe a prize? Yeah, a prize for sure.   That [the prize] hasn’t been determined yet, but yes, definitely a prize should be rewarded. 
Let me know what you think everyone!
Tags: fanfiction, isshin, masaki
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