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More on Holding Hands DRAMA in Anime! Fanart! Comix!

warning: shipping

Hot off the presses from LoveDrop, a doujinshi group in Japan, this morning. The way Ichigo would REALLY hold a woman's hand:

Kishimoto-sensei and Kubo-sensei discuss the recent drama over beer.
Comic by  mezzo_marinaio

IchiOri fans were overheard to say that even if this handholding scene in episode 167 was filler, it was STILL indicative of a future relationship between Ichigo and Orihime because in Asian cultures "the first time" holding hands is a very intimate thing and only designated for couples to be.

Studio Pierrot assigned that first time to Ishida and Orihime--the moment, too, was pure filler and never occurred in the manga:

Ishida's hand sure looks like a warped baby mitt there.

Carry on. I'm still cleaning for Passover and maybe when the kitchen's turned over, I can read chapter -105. SPOILERS LOOK THRILLING.
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