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Mod Post

Everyone and all bleachness topics, no matter how nutty, are welcome. Please use discretion when posting, though, and do not spam the community. Linking to various posts in your own LJ in one weekly bleachness post can cut down on your number of posts.

Readers: Don't like something? Don't read. Skimming isn't an art. Use common sense and common courtesy when addressing other peoples' opinions. I'm more than happy not to have to police this community like a Sunday School class.

Discussion and general wah-wah-oh-ohing of current chapter -106 is going on here. If you've got anything specific--be it wild theorizing or random fangirling--to add about the chapter, don't start another thread about it, just add to the existing discussion. If you've got some bleachness of a more comprehensive nature (e.g., the KEY TO ALL AIZEN'S FUTURE PLANS REVEALED IN KABBALAH!) then by all means feel free to post a separate topic.

Note, however, that topics that don't get any discussion will be gleaned out of this community after a month or so. I'm currently going back and deleting some of my own earlier spamming of my own community (random entries like "Aizen is one hot overlord" etc) and preserving only fic, art, and discussion. Any fanworks shared here, whether commented upon or not, will stay in the archives.
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