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Let Us Speculate About the Hotel California

Has everyone read the latest chapter -106 Turning Back the Pendulum 3?


Now that we know that one hundred years ago, Urahara knew that SS was the sort of place where "you can check out any time you like but you can never leave," it makes sense that he invented an untraceable gigai doesn't it? I used to wonder why he was banished for such a crime before. It didn't seem like such an awful offense.

But was Urahara planning on making it possible for souls to escape the fate of the Maggots Nest?

After I stopped twitching (okay I haven't stopped entirely yet but I can bring a cup of water to my lips) over the idea of Urahara having something to do with Mayuri being let loose and becoming a captain, I became concerned about Urahara's misguided compassion and how it may have set the wheels a-turning in the Bleach plot. Then I started wondering if I shouldn't be rooting for Aizen right now the way I would've been rooting for Urahara to upset the whole SS system years ago.

Then of course, I was all impressed with plotting skills of my boyfriend (Kubo and me, OTP since early 2005! YEAH!)

Then of course came the question of Isshin.

My first thought was that Isshin used Urahara's gigai to escape SS but no,
syneiam reminded me, Isshin was only in that gigai for 20 years--he was in it when Masaki was killed and maybe something happened that made him realize it was too dangerous to remain a Shinigami in the Living World?

I expect the big questions will be revealed soon--was Isshin in the special ops, was he the missing 10th division captain, was he that short short guy in the 12th division peeking on the bottom right on -107, page 10?

The Visored are all outlaws--by any stretch of the imagination, with or without Hollow tinkering, they could easily end up in the Maggots Nest.

And please, Kubo, explain what really happened to the sixth division guy who left the Gotei 13 to sell sunglasses? Was the Maggots Nest only a practice of olden times? Can Urahara et al be forgiven? What does it mean that Yama has been in contact with Urahara vis a vis this war?

Oh do go on. These flashback chapters are yummy.

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