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-106 Spoiler Booty: Be Very Afraid!

These flashback chapters just get better and better.

It's Mayuri. He's a prisoner in SS because he's too dangerous to society. Urahara needs his help. I'm SKEERED, MOMMY. *shivers in all kinds of good ways*

Thanks and roses as always go to Spacey and the spoilers and summaries as they happen can be found at his awesome forum here.

Lizzie is telling me that Mayuri in this scene looks eerily reminiscent of Uryuu when Uryuu was a prisoner in the 4th Division building. The clasped hands, the handcuffs, the nerdy look. There's something oddly sympathetic about Mayuri--like he's a boy genius gone bad. Kubo is playing with "what is EVIL" again.

ETA again: ananosa has added some text and pictures to the Ishida essay here.
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