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Chapter -107 Turn Back the Pendulum 2

Annie's summary and the FrankyHouse scanlation are out. I'm loving this chapter even more than the previous one, not so much for the revelations (and there are more!) but for the interpersonal intricacies Kubo excels at, the visual clues to the story, and art that's never been better.

Check out the goodies here

The expressions in this chapter beat all. The resonance of the "heart" motif with Urahara's little speech about anger management. Such a guru, my Kisuke. Shinji, my love (and oh how I've loved him since forever and I'm spazzing to see him be this big ole captain!) has everyone's number, and I got all cuddly when he observed Hiyori's feelings for her former captain and then all "oooh" when he uncovered Aizen's hiding place! The line about standing above peoples' feelings gave me chills. I remember Urahara saying he regretted not taking Orihime's feelings into account when he tried to keep her from the front lines. Oh, Shinji knows Hiyori so well. Aizen--woo. Scary little bastard even then.

And yep, there's Byakuya with short hair and old guy Kuchiki wearing the scarf in the captain's position in sixth place. Ha! Kensei is 9th squad captain like I called it, and it appears, from the evidence on the cover spread (some weird markings on Hutch's head, not to mention his little pink hair horns) that Hutch/Hatchi (most people call him Hatchi but I'm still stuck on Hutch from way early translations like I am with Visored over Vizard)is going to be a special forces kidou operative and not in the fourth division--TOLD YA! (I had no evidence to go on whatsoever, just a gut feeling that it was too easy a call to have Hutch be Unohana's VC... but the flashback is young yet--we'll see).

And yeah, Yoruichi being stronger than Urahara perhaps? Weeeee!

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