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Absolute Fandom Crossing-Seiyuu Comprehensive List

Some of you are part of Saiyuki Fandom... Shame on you 8DDDD Did you know mass majority of the seiyuu are also part of Bleach!? Here is the comparison chart I did a while back and recently did some updating: Saiyuki & Bleach Character Comparison Chart.

Apparently I still have sift through all the popular and well-known seiyuu, and hunt down their older works. Poor Seki Toshihiko with his Genjo Sanzo and Shiba Kaien got dimished. This tells you how much anime and series a person like me watches, certainly not alone though: Ultimate Fandom Crossing Saiyuki & Bleach Seiyuu Chart.

Here one the awesome song from Japanese Michael Jackson, Hayami Sho that I already shared with BA in the Aizen FC. One my favourite songs due the fact he used his Aizen Sousuke vocals: [MP3, 320] Eternal Sunshine by Hayami Sho from Love Story Album; he has weird song titles from his older works... He has song about CACTUS, which makes the Spanish Inquisition more hysterical 8DDDD

I had fun translating Aigawa Love's name the most of the first three Vizards 8DDDD

Absolute Bondage Pawnage by Szayel Aporro!!!: Bleach School Attendance List 02
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