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New Chapter Spoiler for REAL this time! XD

I told someone that it's just like Kubo to surprise people with the EXPECTED. xD

Thank you to Spacey, who is always forthright and true, for the spoilers.

Yoruichi is the Captain of the Second Squad back in the Good Ole Days.

Keep up with the latest on the chapter thread at Bleach Asylum. They've switched back already from their HardGay April 1 format but the skin is still available as an option for those of you (like me) who loved it.

Meanwhile, a Bleach coloring book has been released. And Ichigo is wearing Rukia's pants!

the coloring book:

Look, it's Rukia pants from the telephone spread! And I want a pair too! They're very 60's groovy!

I would like to commend all my fellow IchiRuki shippers who are not squeeing MEANT TO BE because of the kismet of the pants. We all just want these pants--and yeah, it's cute that Ichigo and Rukia dress alike. I mean the black robes were getting a bit old.
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