Vayshti (vayshti) wrote in bleachness,

*delurk* Bleach Quiz - self pimping.

*reads comm info*
Okay, pretty sure I'mm allowed to self-pimp, but _debbiechan_ - please just delete if I'm wrong.

Plot bunnies for fic have refused to multiply, and so I decided to construct a Bleach Quiz instead to while away the evening... which of course, is no good unless people go and do it, and then give me feedback on how to make it better. Pimp. Pimp. Pimp.

'Tis 60 questions long, and I made it because I couldn't find a better quiz on the same theme. By that I mean, that the results shouldn't be easily gamed.

Which Bleach Fukutaicho (Lieutennant) are you?

*returns to lurking*
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