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tell me your crazy Bleach dreams

Buuya (on deviant art) is starting a 'zine based on odd dreams, which anyone can submit art/stories/poetry to, including weird dreams you have had about fictional characters.

I know I've had plenty... including a few of Bleach. The re-occuring one is that I'm Uryuu Ishida, and wake up with amnesia in a post apocolyptic world... Aizen has won and is hovering above the city, arms crossed, laughing maniacly as the sky cracks open and hollows pour through to eat people and destroy buildings. His new goal is deciding to decimate the whole earth so that there will be nothing alive, only souls which he can manipulate/use. The last remaining free humans are being looked after by Urahara and Yoruichi, who have finally figured out how to make plants grow underground with sun lamps, and are planning to wait things through. My job is to run around franticly and try to figure out who I am and what is going on and how I can stop it (if it's possible to stop it.. I never do, the dream ends abruptly once I regain my memory).

And usually in each of the end-of-the-world nightmates something unique to that dream and extra cracky happens... in the one most recently where (me as) Uryuu started off was a small version of Mayuri's bankai (you know, the baby-headed caterpillar), only it was the size of a real baby instead of huge. It was trying to gnaw my arm off. Since Uryuu/me had amnesia (as always) he had no idea how to use his arrows or any other tricks, so he/I looked around for anything to sue as a weapon. The only thing he/I could find was a bottle of lotion, so we used that to beat the caterpillar's head in. Somewhere in the background little puppet-dolls were running around with butcher knives, so he/I knew we had to get out of there fast once the caterpilalr was squished... incidentilly, those puppet-dolls all had Szayel's eye marking. Though neither of the mad scientists were anywhere to be seen. (and this is the dream I'm going to draw/submit to the 'zine, because even if someone doesn't know anything about Bleach, they could still find it freaky)

I've had other end-of-the-world dreams... I don't know why I keep dreaming about it (maybe someone with a dream dictionary or a psychology major could tell me). Most of my dreams are about trying to escape the dream or solving a mystery... like they are bad videogames. But that's for another time and place. heh.

So anyway, tell me your Bleach related dreams or nightmares, if you've had any.
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