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Title: Rainbows
Author: windxalchemist  
Characters/Pairing: Ichigo, Rukia, IchiRuki
Word Count: 488
Rating: G
Notes: I owe huge thanks to laurie_bunter  and strandedthought  for letting me email them these strange stories that could never stand up to their writing. >^<
Thank you SO much! :D
I owe you two a huge tin of cookies and my first born for all of the stories you've ever beta-ed, and you can have a King Solomon moment while trying to choose who gets the baby.

Kudos to Laurie who managed to think of a Han Solo&Princess Leia somehow relating to Ichigo and Rukia. XDD
& I haven't written anything since ... forever. So bear with me if this seems a little rusty.

It was raining cats and dogs.


When he told her that, she became mortified at the thought of those animals being dropped onto the ground in such a violent fashion. She then demanded, horrified, to know what sort of horrendous human jokes he partook in. All he could do was slap his forehead in exasperation.


He tried to explain to her that there was a joke within that statement, only to have her berating him about humans and animal cruelty.


He gave her a long, hard glare, and what more could have he expected than for her to glare right back at him with twice the intensity?


He couldn’t expect anything less than just that.


The boy caved in about three minutes into that particular glaring contest, to which she smugly quipped something about him and his well-deserved karma for animal cruelty.


He raised his brows in question, before just frowning again, glowering at his trigonometry homework.


Out of the corner of his eye, he monitored her movements. She seemed to be brooding. He turned his head to see what she was looking at, and in doing so, he immediately regretted it when se saw her wearing that look again. She wore that face whenever it rained. The one of regret, pain, and worst of all, sadness. He couldn’t help but stare longingly, hoping that her sorrow would dissipate soon. When she suddenly spoke to him, he quickly reverted his attention back to his homework.


“Hn,” he grunted, feigning apathy, as if his concentration had been on numbers and variables the whole time.


Ichigo looked up slowly to see her staring out his window again.


“What? Have the cats and dogs drowned themselves in the rain or something?” he sarcastically asked.


“That’s barbaric, Ichigo,” she scolded, giving him a reproachful glare that was cut short as she peered outside the glass pane once more.


He didn’t say anything and merely narrowed his eyes. He opened his mouth to spit out some rude retort, but her eyes widened in excitement.


“Oh, look!”


The girl’s face lightened up at some newfound discovery outside. His lips almost extended into a grin at the sight of her smiling face. Her dark eyes turned to face him. He immediately suppressed the twitch of his lips like a reflex, and set his face into a scowl again.




“It’s a rainbow,” she simply said, the corners of her lips drawn up ever so slightly.


He arched a brow questioningly. “So?”


He  glanced over at the window pane. Past the rain drops that trickled down the glass, he saw a rainbow. A band of seven different hues, all able to mesh together. He read somewhere that a god had made a promise to his people under a rainbow.


“I’d like to believe that maybe, that means that there’s a chance at hope after the rain,” Rukia murmured softly.


Ichigo’s scowl evaporated with his surprise of her statement.


“Ah…I think there is hope,” he whispered assuringly.


Looking at her, he knew that it was true.


“You think so?”


Her eyes met his, and he saw her already beginning to hope once more.




And they sat there for the rest of the night, just staring at each other.


They were staring at their new chance at hope.



Tags: fanfiction, ichigo, ichiruki, rukia
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