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Random Questions for You, and Fanart

1) Did Pesh really fart in Ishida's direction in that last chapter or was my scan not clean enough?

2)What the heck could "Memories of Nobody" mean as this current chapter title. Methinks something to do with Ryuuken since he's on the cover... but maybe Cirruci since she was born in darkness and is all ready for Ishida to kill her? ... As five times out of ten with Kubo titles, I'm scratching my head.

3) Why do people keep saying Tatsuki ships IchiOri. Didn't Tatsuki tell Orihime, "a girl with boobs like yours could do better?"

4) What was your FAVORITE Bleach moment of the past year?

Mine was probably when Ichigo went down to Urahara's underground place and there was Ishida sitting on a rock. Major squeeage. The biggest cheer may have been when Renji and Rukia showed up in the Hueco Mundo desert, followed by when we saw Hirako come to save the day in his Long Riders coat. Any appearances by the rarely seen Ryuuken and Gin are good for a squee too.

Oh yeah, the fanart:

Remember the Good Things

Like Uryuu, I seem to be dwellling on the bad stuff of times past. The Ishidas look a little retarded here, but old men and little kids are really hard to draw.
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