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Chapter -108 Turn Back the Pendulum

Already the chapter thread for Bleach -108 is the most viewed thread in Bleach Asylum's history and at this writing there's only a script, not any scans yet. But the geekery and speculation abounds. Timeline contradictions, the history of Jazz, the structure of Centre 46 and omg what do you think Sousuke-kun could be wearing.

I'm haunting that BA thread. Just some highlights here: I can't believe how many people still think Urahara plopped the hougyoku into Rukia with that gigai he gave her after she lost her powers to Ichigo. For this I fault Kubo-sensei, though--not the readers. That was a big plot point and Kubo muddied it with the giving it of the gigai. I'm grateful to Guildenstern for many things in fandom but mostly for starting this kick-ass thread at BA: Bleach Chapter 175-- Or "How did Rukia get that darned Hougyoku, anyway?"

Kubo cleans up his little artistic mistakes. He had Aizen wearing a captain's robe when introducing himself as a VC to Konamura but the robe was done away with in the tankoubon. Now people are wondering about Tousen wearing captain's robes in the manga when Kenpachi killed the 11th division captain to achieve his rank--if the Kenpachi described in this chapter -108 is Zaraki then how can Tousen be a captain?

I myself got hung up on the whole JAZZ thing right away because I'm a music nerdmo and I live a hop and skip away from New Orleans. It's a 110 years ago in this chapter (When does Bleach start? The manga itself began six years ago and has progressed only a few months in manga time while years have passed in its readership's world) Jazz as a word to describe syncopated music didn't come into use until 1915, although Ragtime, the sort of music we're assuming Shinji that iconoclastic damn cool bastard was referring to in this chapter, started back around 1890. Foul! cried a few dozen music nerdmos on a half dozen forums! Shinji is hearing music that hasn't been invented yet. Spacey told me to give it a rest and  brightredglow  told me the word "jazz" was used for ambiance, that Kubo was at least in the right parking lot of the baseball park, LOL.

Someone at BA observed that time in SS must pass at the same rate as time in the Living World. Holy Moly, I thought--not really, there are tiny indiscrepancies, starting with what Yoruichi explained was a time lapse occurring when Ichigo's gang left the dangai and later, Ishida noted that that it must be spring in Soul Society (he saw a cabbage butterfly) but it was late summer in the Living World.

Sometimes I wonder if Kubo Tite isn't more in the driver's seat that even I give him credit for, and I'm his biggest fangirl. He's really thinking all this stuff out.

And for those of you who hate numerology, sorry, but 108 DOES have a significance in Japanese culture. At the end of the year, a bell is chimed 108 times to finish the old year and welcome the new one. Each ring represents one of 108 earthly temptations a person must overcome to achieve nirvana. Japa mala, prayer beads worn by Buddhists, have 108 beads, and temples have 108 steps, and there's a bunch of other stuff so -108 is an appropriate number for a chapter titled "Turn Back the Pendulum." If you get to pick an arbitrary number for an out of sequence chapter, that is.

Bets are on as to whether Isshin was a member of the Royal Guard (I'm fond of one theory out there that makes Masaki the captain of the Royal Guard and has Isshin wearing her robe for some romantic dramatic reason when he slays Grand Fisher) or the missing 10th division captain of the chapter. I'm going with 10th division caption because that was syneiam 's theory for a while and Syn's always right. XD

I got up at four a.m. today because my little daughter wanted some juice or something but I stayed up to read the BA chapter thread because I'm a crazy fangirl for -108 and I can't wait for PIX, dammit, because I want to see wtf Shinji's made Sousuke-kun wear and how Nanao-chan lookalike Lisa sparks with Shunsui. Warms my heart to imagine those two pervs together, even if I ship Shunsui/Nanao.
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