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juunana  and spacexat  and I were all mad the other day over the censoring of our beloved Szayel's cannibalism in the anime and Juu was complaining about how people love Szayel because he's bishie but he should be loved because he's one crazy cannibal mofo, and I promised her a gory pic. I had an idea for a Szayel dressed up in meat slabs all fashionable-like, but it was Easter, sorry, and all I could come up with was this. For Juu:

Not Just Another Fluffy Jesus

Meanwhile, xilvrin along the same theme, took this idea and actually did real art with it. Here is her pic and her story. It's rated M on DeviantArt so if you can't see it, there's a link below to access.

Dead Mouse by Silvanoir

Dead Mouse (other link)
Tags: fanart, szayel
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