cavisze (cavisze) wrote in bleachness,

uh oh! the neurotic suffer

Well, only if they have Bleach (or other) fics posted on, anyway.  Here is a heads up to everyone who have finished works or works in progress on

The site has recently re-updated their filtering system to exclude more stuff they don't like, including hyphens for page breaks (- - -, etc.), and even foreign letters (é, ñ, ó, etc.). This came as a total surprise (to me, at least!) and immediately effected thousands of fics with the authors/writers receiving no warning or e-mail, or anything of the sort. So if you have a lot of "rule-breaking fics", you might want to go in and edit so that current and future readers do not get too confused and bombard you with reviews about syntax. 

On the upside, page breaks do look cleaner than ---- or whatever.  Also, I suppose everyone's pieces will be more similar? on that superficial level?

Eh... I am sorry this is not directly about Bleach! 
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