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Kubo on LEAVE? Watch debbie have a little fangirl meltdown

Manga-ka do this all the time. My Kubo needed a break. But instead of taking me to the Riviera, he's going to write character backstories. Yes, the rumor has been around for a while that Kubo was taking a two month break, and I was one of those who believed the rumor if only for the reason that Kubo NEEDED a damn break. But now I'm uncertain as to whether or not this break is going to start NOW (leaving us with 315 as a terrible cliffhanger) or whether it starts a little later. For more about this madness see the thread on Bleach Asylum, in particular yesterday's post which threw me into fangirl anxiety and despair.

eta: from nidaime:


That means: The HM saga has Finished and the flashbacks beging next week

I need certainty; if nothing else, I need certainty about my uncertainties.  (and now I have them *weeps*)

So the HM arc ends with Jump issue 17? Someone told me that Jump issues are numbered annually ( as in 17, 18 stand for Jump years--but Jump is older than 17, eh?) and someone else said that Jump 18 shouldn't be out until April, but the truth is that 18 is scheduled for release on March 31.

Spacecat said that this interview in which Kubo announces the vacation wasn't in the raw for 315 but we'll have confirmation tomorrow ... I'm in denial. DO NOT LEAVE US HANGING ON THIS CHAPTER, KUBO-SENSEI.

In the meantime, the usual Saturday night stirrings of the dateless segments of fandom hit my solar plexus late last night. I know I shouldn't stress over fanbrats, but sometimes my friends (I've been spared recently--may these blessed months of no harrassment continue) just get picked on and my patience gets tried. I'm getting really sick of little girls demonizing fandom personalities and talking shit about them. I missed this crap in high school--I was hiding in the bandroom reading Shakespeare and nerding out, so where can I hide now?

As much as I admire directness, I get all nervous when people take that directness off the leash. FANDOM IS LE CRAZY.


And then later that night when my nerves were already jostled, a couple of very intelligent friends of mine were predicting IchiOri which just blows my world--for me that's like someone coming into the middle of MacBeth and proclaiming Lady MacBeth the heroine or something, because I'm such an immersed-to-the-neck Bleach fan (I've read the manga over so many times now) and I just do not see that.  Most of my bright, reasonable IchiOri friends (not that all of them ship the pair--some just see it as the intended pairing)  are Americans, though, and IchiOri is largely a Western phenomenon from what I understand.

I'd be better off arguing Obama versus Clinton though.  Although that race is closer than IchiOri vs IchiRuki from where I stand.

I need to write some porn. Yaoi porn.  As much as I said I was looking forward to Kubo's little poetic self-contained backstories of various characters (and I have no doubt they'll be as well done as was the recent Hitsugaya omake), I'm already suffering Bleach withdrawal.

I can't believe I'm typing this: I need to see Ichigo fight Ulquiorra and just get it over with.

 ETA #2 (YES, I continue to be hysterical).  I just realized that the regular storyline will return in June! ZING! I called it! I called it! I said Ichigo would fight Ulquiorra for Tanabata!  Last year Ichigo fought Grimmjow for the exact weeks of Tanabata July through August.

Kubo does this thing. He wants it to be rainy when you read his "Memories in the Rain" chapters. He throws around little happenings on character birthdays. He had Orihime slap Ulquiorra on Valentine's day.

Oh, hit us over the head, will you Kubo? Five lifetimes, the fifth tower that Hime is trapped in. ARGH! There needs to be some resolution here. I expect shippers will be pulling out their hair, but I myself will be settled deep into my Lazy Boy with popcorn. It's been a long time coming, Kubo-sensei. You better have my girl Hime step up to the plate this Tanabata!
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