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St. Patricks Day Shinigami Shenanigans

[this is relevant to your interests because it has Ishi/Hime dancing, and Ren/Ruki kissin'. and a bunch of other random Bleach characters partying away]

"In the town of Milton Karakura one
Brian Flannigan Uryuu Ishida battered away till his money was spent
Then he hit a big one and felt like a man again,
Bought a three decker with two floors for rent

He threw a big party for friends
And relations at a grand old place called Florian Hall
And if you'll just listen I'll make your eyes glisten
To the rows and the ructions of Flannigan's ball.

Six long months I spent in with a Quincy,
Six long months doing nothing at all,
Six long months I spent in with a Quincy,
Learning to dance for Flannigan's ball
I stepped out and I stepped in again,
I stepped out and I stepped in again,
I stepped out and I stepped in again
Learning to dance for Flannigan's ball.

Free beer on tap and wine for the ladies,
Ziti and sauce doggie biscuits for Mark Porzio Kommamura
There were faheys humans and bradys spirits,
Mcauliffes Renji and Daleys Kira courtin the girls and dancing away.

BrianUryuu truly sang out in his finest form,
The patron's responded and I lead em all
I'd spent 6 months at Forbes shinigamiAcademy
Learning to dance for Flannigan's ball"

Dropkick Murphys mention Quincy (sure its the city, not Uryuu, but hey) in one of thier songs: Flannigan's Ball; Dropkick Murphy's always play on St Patricks day; I'm part Irish and live south of Boston (several towns south), so hey, why not.... St Patty's day themed fanart! people draw Valentine's and X-mas and every other holiday, why not this? and hey, Ichigo has natural orange hair, who has naturally orange hair? that's a big secret of Bleach, he's half Irish


oh yeah, this is watercolor.

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