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Fair Warning: Possible 315 Spoiler; Authentic SJ Preview Ad

Just so you know. Just so you know what the fuss is about when certain Bleach fans start breaking eardrums and/or kicking in their monitors when this week's spoilers appear...When sanoiscari posted this pic from Jump this morning in the IchiRuki FC at BA it was like pouring gasoline on what was already A WILDFIRE of raging anticipation.

(translation by spacecat)

text: 道を決めたのは仲間との出会い
The decided path will see the meeting up of friends.

See the widdle image of Ichi and Rukia below? (and don't miss the canon NaruSasu love). I'm guardedly optimistic only because this is an advertisement page and often has nothing to do with Kubo and sometimes these teaser things aren't exactly accurate if not DEAD WRONG, but my gal Syn is predicting an IchiRuki reunion at the end of the chapter 315 It's a busy time for the plot but I trust that when Kubo brings Ichigo and Rukia together, time will stand still as it did at the bridge scene, the "yo" at the execution scene, the window scene in the classroom, the desert nakama scene .... hmm, this makes the pair's fifth reunion. I don't trust Jump ad-writers but I do know that when the IchiRuki reunion comes, it comes with Kubo's heart. He loves these characters.

Other reunions ahead to go crazy about: Gin and Ran. Tousen and Komomura, Urahara and Aizen? Will we see the Daddies? Shinji? ARGH! I've never been so hyped up waiting for spoilers.

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