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Let's Learn about Asia

Understanding of tones in szayel_fans in Chinese-Japanese like your phone of communication with your parents, relatives and friends. The Tokyo dialect is closer to Chinese than Osaka's Kansa-ben, which it gets mock often a lot in almost every series that you heard or watched. If you cross a few of these fandoms or heard of them, then you are in luck. Often when you go in Asia stores things either come in whole (one), two or threes, or dozens because the numbers must be balance as the price given to them. Which is why a lot of things in Asian grocery stores are always a great deal.

I was born in Hong Kong; my native home was historically BBQ by almost every country going there during Three Kingdoms, Romance of Three Kingdoms, Opium War and World Wars II. Which it explains why it's a capitalism country (surrounded by dinky islands) that can't even be located on the map, still under China but it functions on its own. The media entertainment system is not something I would praise there, which saddens me... The paparazzi or hound dogs (literally) are vicious there, not like America. Yes, Chinese people can understand English and vice versa as some actors who are English or Indian who can speak the language.

Who is being bias again? (Goes mend brain again, slinks off quietly)

Mythology was under the guise of History who is Anthropology, who really is Sociology. This was all Psychology.
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