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Two Translations??? [Chapter 314]

Hello all, I know it's been a while since my last post; but I'm compelled to say something about this.

I normally get all my Bleach chapter updates from over at Bleachworld (a sister site of, and I was surprised to find not one but TWO different versions of chapter 314 in my zip file.

Now one is from Cnet, a very realiable source of translation, and the other was my another named Manaki.  I clicked on Manaki's frist; having already read the translation from Cnet earlier today.  I was shocked at what I read.  

This brings up yet another topic was posted up here once before about inpromer translations... it means everything.  EVERYTHING!!! Whoever is this "manaki" dude, they messed the translation up so bad I wondered why they included it my zip with the other one.  I guess the folks over at Bleachworld was like, "Well whatever one suits you, go for it."  But no!  Don't do that!  We are the near climax of this arc and some dope puts up a lousy and very badly translated chapter?  They should drawn and quartered.  Hung  up by their toe nails.  Hung by their - well you figure it out. :D  

But I just wanted to give a small warning, and a small rant over the whole thing.  Laters, and sorry I offended anyone. 

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