Brad C (deathlike) wrote in bleachness,
Brad C

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3:15, Schools Out Kiddies

The write up is in just time for Chapter 3.14. Someone will be slicing it up and sharing it with eveyrone on the table. Aizen-sama is just dessert (desert), evidently located in his pants. Sousuke-kun has learn to what is like being a kid. Oh yeah... Feminist (Famine/Family) doesn't exist; we'll just starve XDDD!!

Szayel Aporro Granz owns all of You: Tell Me I'm Hated Most in the World

AHAHAHA... Renij's name cracks me up. Hence why during the Super Soul Sonic Event in 2006; Itou Kentaro as Abarai Renji was referred as Dirty Range. Added Ishida Uryuu and Abrai Renji to the list.
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