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Vaizard!Urahara and Other Crackpot Theories

Hi all! I worked pretty hard on an essay over in soul_society and thought I'd link it here in hopes of generating more discussion. Constructive criticism is especially welcome! There's a poll at the end for you to support your opinion in the matter, too. Well, it's a table masquerading as a poll because I can't make an actual one. Nevertheless, please take the time to participate. ^^;;

Is Urahara a Vaizard?

I, um, feel bad that I joined this comm to advertise, so I'd also like to host a similar essay-discussion in bleachness. At the moment, I think I have passable ideas about the following three topics. Please comment in this post and tell me which interests you more. If you're interested at all, that is. -_____-;;

  1. My huge, elaborate plotting of what Aizen and Urahara have been doing behind the scenes for the last century or so. Crazy fanon included!

  2. General zanpakutou talk. With focus on what zanpakutou spirits are, the ins and outs of achieving bankai, and bankai speculation.

  3. The development of Shinigami-Hollow hybrids. Explaining the observed differences between the Vaizard and the Arrancar.
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