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Moderator's Friendly Post and 314 Summary

Just a friendly answer since so many people keep asking is it okay to post this or that in here--IF IT'S BLEACH-RELATED, IT'S OKAY! Geebers, people, am I that scary? Now, I will remind you that this journal and community started off as my writing journal for my own Bleach fanfic and fanart and that it, bleachness  , along with my website is a primary hosting place for my fanworks, but I also meant for this LJ community to be a COMMUNITY of all things bleachness, that includes discussions, links to others' fanworks, general oohing and ahhing and squeeing and ranting about the manga and anime and voice actors and whatnot.

I made this journal a community because 1) I was too lazy to log out of one private lj and into another to post stories and if I was a mod of a community I didn't have to do that 2) I wanted an all-Bleach place where I could squee and not annoy people on my regular lj (not that I've been able to avoid that, alas.... Bleach follows me everywhere) 3) hell, why not another bleach community... <.<

Now that this community has a lot more watchers, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to respond to all the posts! Honestly. I would love to give feedback to all the stories. I remember when I read every single story listed on kurosaki_clinic every morning but the fandom has grown in just a couple years. Please continue to share arts, stories, pics of keychains, shipper debates, whatever, and to have fun. I still have NOT disabled anonymous comments, despite some harrassment last year, because I'm an open-hearted girl and some anonymous people have been very polite and some people just plain don't have LJ accounts and want to comment! But take note that my new policy is that anything too provoking will be deleted. Like my hubby always says--ART IS LIKE ETHICS--YOU HAVE TO DRAW THE LINE SOMEWHERE.

Ever since MY OBSCENE AND CARNIVOROUS SZAYEL was censored cruelly in this week's anime, I've been taking it out on people's grammar (honestly, dudes, you don't know how much I hold myself back all the time but when you have a BIAS, you are not a bias forum wastebucket, you are a biased forum wastebucket).

Oh yeah yeah yeah, there was a summary of 314 from lovely Annie today. 

I won the IchiRuki essay contest over at BA which makes me feel bad because 1) I was never a hardcore IchiRuki shipper to begin with (just a manga reader who thought the relationship was as obvious as a blue sky) and 2) Annie's going to waste postage sending me the prize when she already just sent me a bunch of presents from Japan out of the goodness of her heart. IN ANY EVENT, never fear, I will scan the IchiRuki doujin I'm getting for the prize and share with everyone andmelodymix will translate it! YEY!
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