There's no Love Without you (ne_wayz) wrote in bleachness,
There's no Love Without you

A newbie posting

Oh dear Debbie!!!! Is it ok to post this story here? If it's not please feel free to delete it!!!

I wrote this one-shot a long time ago and I had posted it at the I didn't really like it so I made some changes to it and, to be honest, I still kinda don't like the outcome of it. But, I'll post it here anyways, even if I'm aware that awesome writers like 
zangetsugirl who are able to capture the zanpakutous in such a poignant matter might read this and have an aneurysm . Yes, I have cojones!!!

Hey, maybe I'll get some good concrit. You never now. If you guys have any ideas that might make this piece better, let me know so I can fix it and meet acceptable standards.

Title: Promise
Characters: Sode No Shirayuki. Zangetsu. Implied SodexZang. Shirosaki
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Characters mentioned do not belong to me!!

She made a promise...and would make sure he kept his...
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