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Fic Rec, Fanart Rec, Chapter 313 Discussion Link, and Butterflies of Nerves for 314

A fic rec! Some IchiIshi from a damn gooooood writer I've been squeeing over since her entry into the fandom! It's a bit squicky but it's a rescue fic so if you've seen Yael's infamous Ishida torture pic over at y!gallery, you'll appreciate nehalenia 's  story: More Than Nakama (NC-17)

And to further my campaign that Szayel will be back, probably for Easter, but knowing Kubo, maybe ... Tanabata?...HAVE SOME FANART: Not Dead by the ever awesome xilvrin (SilvaNoir on Deviant Art)

The best part about chapter 313 is that it's jumpstarted a lot of my old friends who were bored with Bleach into posting again. Jenni is one of those fans I love to disagree with, love to agree with, just plain love. Her sensible overviews trump my fangirliness any day. Recently, she pegged the issue at the heart of 313 while the rest of us were gawking at Ken-chan's shirtlessness or grumbling about ship stuffs. This is Ichigo's story, right? Ichigo is having some identity issues.

What is Your Place, Ichigo? (a 313 review by metaphore_art  )

What else? I've had a migraine all week so I've been kinda cranky. It's obvious to me now from having watched the latest episode of the manga that we're heading for EXTREME censorship of a lot of what we saw in the manga. Orihime was barely roughed up by Lolli and Menoli and their subsequent ... erm... punishment by Grimmjow was handled in a peculiar way to make the bitches half-responsible. *Sigh*  So much for my Szayel. There's just going to be no getting any of his outrageousness past the censors.

I can't remember the last time I had such extreme butterflies for a chapter as for 314 and I'm one of those Bleach fans who enjoys the whole damn thing and is RARELY bored of the manga. My most fervent wish is for Ulquiorra to return and I don't care where he shows up, but like most fans, I'd spin a cartwheel if he showed up to confront Orihime. Other things I'd like to see: 1) HOUGYOKU 2) KARAKURA PEOPLE, ANYONE, THE DADDIES, TATSUKI, ANYONE, even just some guy on the street buying a mochi ball 3) Grimmjow being healed by Unohana.

Wanna take bets as to who Nel is going to spit up on? I want it to be Ken-chan.
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