Adam Epp (adam_epp) wrote in bleachness,
Adam Epp

Posthumous Sex Affair, by Adam Epp

Direct link to my story to spam debbiechan's community. Check out how much more awesome my bold font is than Laurie's italic font  for words like title and summary.

Title: PSA, since acronyms are cool.
Author: Adam
Rating: A+
Summary: There was blood by the buckets. Everyone died, there was nothing she could have done then. All alone, it can be hard not to cry, even for a girl like her. She had to escape...
Pairing: Tatsuki x Corpse
Genre: General
Word Count: I didn't count because my word processor is ass. It's somewhere over 4,000.
Warning: Characters die and stuff, but that's to be expected.

I have nothing else to say so I'll stop.
Tags: fanfiction
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