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Necrophilia Death Match!

I expect to be skewered on sharp, pointy things for writing this fic but it's okay. I'm old enough to accept the consequences of my actions. At least I think I am...

title: Dance Me to the End of Love

author: Laurie Bunter

pairing: Ichigo x Rukia

genre: drama and romance... sort of.

word count: 3200.

rating: M. If you're the squeamish sort, better skip this one.

fair warning for character deaths and necrophilia. 

disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. 

Summary: No one wants to die a virgin. 

Read it here: Dance Me to the End of Love

This was written in response to a challenge issued by adam_epp. Better read his story, too. It's funnier than mine. He better not get too lazy to post his own direct link because if he doesn't, the lovely people at bleach_news might not include it in their day's summary of events...

Incidentally, we also asked Debbie sweetie to join us but she declined, saying she had already traumatized too many people with her own fic, "Necrophilia." Of course we didn't listen to the subtle hint!

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