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ANOTHER IshiHime gift fic, 313 spoilers THE PLOT RETURNETH

I don't deserve your love, but ISHIDA AND ORIHIME DO. <33333333

Behind the Smoke" (G) by syneiam   is yet another Ishida and Orihime gift fic for me and this one touched me in particular because Syn is a good friend and a straight-up, unsentimental person, and I was having a craptastic week and on the verge of cramming my migraining head through a sieve before I read it, and thank you to Syn (who doesn't write this pair) for writing it and to Guildy (who doesn't like this pair) for beta-ing it.

AND NOW, HOLY MOLY, AWESOME JEEBERS, HAVE YOU SEEN THE SPOILERS FOR 313? NO ONE BELIEVED THEM! EVEN SPACE, WHO POSTED THEM FROM A VERY RELIABLE SOURCE, HAD DOUBTS. And then the rumors started that Space had made up the spoilers in order to "toy" with the fandom and this made me go -_- because if there are lots of sadistic nutberries in this fandom and Space ain't one of em. Then a chapter cover appeared, and after making myself dizzy trying to decipher the mirror writing and what appears to be Kubo's charming penchant for CRYPTO GRAPHICS, I saw....

BEHOLD THE KEY TO BLEACH! No, literally, here is the key.

The title reads IN SOPHOMORIC MIRROR LANGUAGE "To Close Your World", the chapter 313 looks like a little hell butterfly, haha, and the whole graphic looks like a KEY.

TO CLOSE YOUR WORLD. Yeah, Kubo, we get it. You're a genius. You punny punny man. Marry me. I gave you chocolates for Valentines and it looks like you're giving me a plot for White Day. I love you. This is forever.

The spoiler summaries etc from Annie and stuffs from Space can be found at BA as always.

The spoiler did sound fantastic, almost too good to be true, but on examination (and me and my homegirls examined it like nobody's business all yesterday!) it was all IC and very reminiscent of the wind-down in the SS arc when Aizen showed up then. OH PLOT WHERE HAS THOU BEEN? There's no calling the plot now--I remember in SS thinking for sure that Renji and Ichigo were going to bring down Aizen, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  I wuz so dumb then.

There's a poignant death scene, and Kubo brings back my Tesla only to kill him off again with Nnoi, and Ken-chan's most touching tribute to Spoonhead: "I had fun."

Ken-chan fangirl alert! I was discussing with Guildy yesterday how INTERESTING it is that besides Zangetsu and Shirosaki, the only other person we've seen in Ichigo's inner world is Kenpachi and Kubo has been leading us to believe that this PURE WILL TO FIGHT is somehow a part of Ichigo. In this chapter, we are then given a scene with Ken-chan as Ichigo's mentor. Ken tells Ichigo to grab the girl and go, but Ichigo wants to stay and fight. Huh? This was why some IchiOri fans were refusing to believe the spoilers, I suppose. ( Can't blame them. When 237 spoilers came out, I went down screaming until confirmation pictures came out and even then my otaku madness had me believing that Kubo was spiting me and me alone for my long-ago tongue-in-cheek petition to him for "a kiss in a shounen manga, please oh sensei, as unheard of as that is") Ichigo didn't seem very motivated to save Orihime. Not news to me, then again, what do you expect me to say here? You're as likely to get an IchiOri endorsement in this comm as you're to get one for a Republican candidate in The Village Voice... just my opinion, folks.

As much as it pisses some people off, Kubo has emphasized over and over that Ichigo wants to fight and that this urge is in conflict with his need to protect. Could be a cue for ... I dunno... SHIROSAKI to make his appearance?

Ichigo looks feeble now. Ken-chan, according to the summary, kicks apart the bubble that Orihime was using to restrain Ichigo and tells Ichigo what's what. Ichigo self-identifies as a Shinigami and wants to do his duty alongside the Gotei 13 but he appears willing to listen to Ken-chan until STARK (!) appears to whisk Orihime away to a new scene where she is promptly face-fondled by Aizen..... *fangasms* (sorry, I have this thing for hot evil overlords)

Knowing Kubo's precedent for leaving his cast in the great unknown for months, I'm still a little concerned for Grimmjow et al but Unohana and the healers are on the move so maybe we'll see Aizen's forces turn on him soon enough, and maybe my "I'm here to rescue Inoue-san not to fight Espada" Ishida will show up again and we'll know what Mayuri discovered in Szayel's lab....

Wow. There's really no calling it. All hail the return of the plot in Bleach. And praise the Powers that Be, Hime is about to face the hougyuko and have her moment that I've been waiting a gddamn year for!

ETA: fufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufu, Ichigo's wanting to fight instead of taking off with Orihime is SO not like his scene in SS when he threw Rukia to Renji because in that case, Ichigo was still alone against SS and he still had to face Byakuya; in this case scenario Ichigo has witnessed those stronger than him take on stronger opponents. He knows the Gotei 13 is perfectly capable of doing their job. Look, it's fine by me if some of you fangirls want to glamorize Ichigo into a romance novel hero, but we're not reading the same Ichigo. The Ichigo I'm reading goes "duh?" "wuh?" "huh?" and I love him for it. He's clueless and shounen and torn and he will be the hero in the end, of a fighting manga and not the American Disney movie you seem to think he's starring in.  Grrrrrrr........
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