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Gift IshiHime fanfic, and oh I drew a Szayel for Space

Adam, who pretends to be an ass but is really a sweetie, wrote me an IshiHime, and he's a damn fine writer so you people better leave him reviews because he doesn't ever get many and his stuff kicks the tar out of everything else on ff.net:

Impurification by adam_epp 

and his description: Story flirts a bit between T and M Rating, but I chose T; please let me know if you disagree.
Probably one-sided IshiHime, definitely one-sided IchiOri, and light IchiRuki. IshiChad from neither side but I'm sure there is an unintendedl subtext that yaoi fangirls can use to put words in my mouth. Yeah, that's what people want to read in a note like this or a summary, amirite?

Moving right along..... The magnificent, beneficent, owner of Bleach Asylum requested a Szayel drawing of little ole me and I did this ASAP, even though I think I was a little trippy when doing this but that's okay--trippy is GOOD when you're drawing MR. PINK, who is, by the way, NOT DEAD (I don't know why everyone keeps saying he is). Anyway, one of the things going through my unwell mind when doing this was that Space suffers being too nice to people sometimes and Szayel ... well, Szayel doesn't have that problem at all! But at the moment Szayel is suffering a millennia of torment just now but not to worry--he will RISE AGAIN. Here's my pic:

A Thousand Years is Not Forever

For those of you who may not know, Space is AizenSousuke on Deviant Art and does lovely stuff like this <---an Ulquiorra Valentine by spacexat

Also Space's sister Juunana also does the most amazing emotional fanarts and really neat cosplays like this


Raise your hand if you can't sleep because you're waiting for the Szayel Aporro Bleach Beat Collection to be released today!!!!!!!!!
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