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312 spoilers and Old Sailors Sense Ship Hurricanes

Kubo, my love, you surprised me. *squishes*

The spoilers are out. And I wasn't entertained the way I wanted to be entertained and I'M GLAD!

Nnoi appears to be alive--maybe he dies at the end of the chapter but he has a MOMENT of humanity or something because he locks eyes with Nel and appears heartbroken. Now some fanbois are pissed about this because they want their villain to stay pure and mean and misogynist and baby-kickin through and through, but I like the teeny element of depth Kubo keeps adding to his Arrancar.

The parallels Kubo continues to throw at us are sometimes cheap, sometimes wondrous, and the very fact that they keep coming is like collecting charms on a birthday bracelet.  One adds to the next and the whole thing shines, baby.  Nel refused to finish off Nnoi because Nnoi wasn't a soldier but an animal not worth killing. Ken refused to kill Ikkaku because he hoped that Ikkaku would come back and fight him again someday and presumably that's why he spares Nnoi, but Nnoi remembers Nel....

ooh, I can't wait to read this chapter.

And my NnoiNel shipper friends are falling out of their chairs in grand mals of delight.

Meanwhile, on the fandom front, knowing for a fact that I am suffering PMS with about half of my f-list on LJ and that ship-waters in my fandom have been churning for a couple weeks now, I can, like an old sailor, look to the skies, and call a hurricane just by the color of the sky.  Ya know, every now and then I get into a wholesome ship war--you know, the snowball fight kind, with a friend, and think that shipping discussion ain't so bad. Then again....

there are those places where illogic breeds like maggots. I'm jaded now. I can take it all. I'm of my friend laurie_bunter's opinion, that if you're going to bash, do it with style, wit, humor and good grammar, otherwise.....

Those who can not spell should NOT attempt humor.
Yes, she did misspell Hueco Mundo.

My little IshiHime ship is no more that a canoe, really. I'm taking my paddle and heading for shore. I going to dress Ishida in a skimpy outfit there and make him serve me fruity drinks. Orihime can go around rejecting PMS monsters. Anyone up for that?

Ugh, I need to write some PR0NS.
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