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Attention Translators! ByPass IshiHime Doujin RAW

If you're willing to translate, post here, and I'll write a short Bleach fic of your request. *puppy eyes*

I'm not even going to bother to friends-lock this one. Scans get taken and spread around so fast it's not even funny. You don't even have to credit me for the scanning; I only ask that if you get the chance please support this circle of fine artists. They do lovely Ishida and Orihime work and you can see it here. There are other ByPass IshiHime doujinshi; my sweet annie_08  bought these for me while in Japan.

I'm really curious as to what's going on in this one! Lots of Ichigo and Rukia! And TSUBAKI! *_* And--tah-dah!--Ryuuken! The style is adorable, and as with the previous IshiHime doujin I showed you, everything's  family friendly. There's an odd scene of Orihime on Ishida's bed in one panel dressed like a neko but I think that's Kon's imagination. I'm not sure.

Non-hentai. Work-safe. Ishida and Orihime. Some Ichigo and Rukia. Guest appearances by Kon, Tsubaki, Ryuuken.



And I want to thank everyone who's been so genteel in shipping threads here lately. I really do thank you for indulging my shippy talk. Because the waters were exciting again, I ventured onto animesuki this weekend, and I dunno, maybe it was a busy week and I was tired, but it looked like my man sinta  had been having some fun and I thought I could too---only, ugh, when someone writes that he's disturbed by your joke about being willing to bet your firstborn on IchiRuki, you know it's going to be a dreary battle. I guess I could go back and engage the dude who said to send the kid with a years supply of diapers (he seemed uber-certain of IchiOri because his own love tale was similar--I find that... really fascinating) but I'm... tired? NO! Tired of Bleach shippy talk? I need to go take my temp.
Tags: doujinshi, ichiruki, ishihime, shipping
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