misumaru (misumaru) wrote in bleachness,

Hi, this is my first post here after lurking for a while, so please feel free to delete/ignore/whatever if I'm doing something wrong...

Anyway, I was just wondering exactly how the Vice-captain position's are decided? Does the person in question have to apply somehow? Have the databooks made this any clearer? We've got three set ways someone can become a Captain, but this seems to be a little more random. Most do seem to have some kind of connection to their Captain, which suggests picking... People like Mayuri, Kenpachi and Aizen obviously had a say in who they were assigned (Hell, Mayuri made his *shudder*). But then there's Soi Fon's vice whose name I can never remember, where I think it's implied he pretty much bought his way into the role. And as for Byakuya... As much of a Byaren shipper as I am, I really doubt there's any way he would've sat down, looked at Renji and gone "I want that guy." I mean Renji was only 6th seat in 11th at the time, which isn't exactly very high...

Does anyone else have an answer? Or even think about these things? Am I just odd? :S
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