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Fanart goodies IchiRuki, Renji, Isshin, Ep. 161 Shippiness

ARTS! ARTS! Oh, I just love this one. My imagination is all over the place. And Renji--the spurts of blood and spurts of red hair. Isshin's face! Work safe.

Don't Mention Hueco Mundo by LookingBack7 aka r0ck3tsci3ntist 

And I don't know how many fellow Narutards I have here but I laughed SO HARD at this comic. IchiRuki, worksafe:

Bleach Cosplays Naruto by mezzo_marinaio 

Now, for what's been occupying my girly brain. Yes, I have seen the current spoilers for the Ken-chan fight and yes, Ken-chan is THE MAN, but I am full of estrogen and episode Kaien-dono aired for Valentine's day and this week episode 261, with its re-enactment of chapter 270's ICHIGO EYEBALL MOMENTS OF O RUKIA O ORIHIME, aired, and the ship seas are a-churning.

Warning: shippiness ahead. For the sake of fair sportsmanship I keep at it, I don't know why ( and to convert vesperh who is on the verge of being converted to IchiRuki, LOL)

When chapter 270 came out, IchiRuki was settled for me--as far as I was concerned, Ichigo was freaked over the drop in Rukia reiatsu and he turned around (as he hadn't for Chad), essentially abandoning the mission (and Orihime). When Ulquiorra appeared, he didn't ask the Espada where Orihime was (as he had asked Ikkaku about Rukia in SS arc) and poor Orihime could've been being tortured or raped for all he knew. Ichigo's a very in-the-moment person, but he made a choice here. No, in the SS arc, Ichigo had no clue as to whether Ikkaku knew anything about Rukia's capture. I don't see any bones about it. In chapter 270, Ichigo chose one woman's safety over another's. Sometimes in life, a man has to make these choices.

I thought Ichigo was being weirdly OOC by not wanting to fight and trying to walk away from Ulquiorra. IchiOri shippers interpreted the scene differently; when Ulquiorra successfully taunted Ichigo with the information that he was the one who kidnapped Orihime, they saw this burst of passion as an expression of Ichigo's "unrealized" love for Orihime.

In the flurry of indignant defenses of IchiRuki from the familiar camps, I was most impressed with the opinion that stated if the Ichigo that stayed to fight for Orihime's honor over Rukia's life was the Ichigo Kubo was writing, then Orihime could have him. LOL. I like to believe that the Ichigo I've been reading all along is the right one. The flawed, impetuous good-hearted person with a hero-complex who is growing up from a boy to a man and who will ultimately be allowed to be the hero. The hero isn't necessarily the guy who scoops up the fair maiden. He can be the one whose friendship with the girl who DOESN'T have the big boobs will be realized into something more. Like my friend
mezzo_marinaio says to those who say if Rukia were a boy, then there would be no IchiRuki ship, "If Rukia were a boy, Bleach would be the most famous shounen-ai manga in the universe."

Regarding Ichigo's passionate outburst at the mention of Orihime's name, Jobrill made a good point here.

Sinta, a law student, is my favorite IchiRuki advocate. One, because he's so endearingly clueless about personal shipping battles and the emotional details that fans sometimes trudge through and he's so beyond the circular rhetoric of most forum debating. He made me beam like a schoolgirl when he told me that my last shipping essay would hold in a court of law. I'm sure that my husband would rather my meager talmudic skills be spent on actual religious studies instead of cartoon romance stuffs but WHAT THE HELL, THIS IS MY FUN.

And this is an awesome IchiRuki post
sinta made recently:

Rukia's behaviors since the SS arc could only explain that she is in love with Ichigo

Spoilers were slow to come out this week. Szayel looks hella sexy animated. I still love Bleach. I need to get cracking on my fic. That is all.

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