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Merchandising, Doujinshi

YES, yes, I know some of you are still waiting for the het doujin to be completely scanned  *glares at hubby who put doujin in booksack and forgot about it* and I SWEAR I'll have it and two other non-hentai IshiHimes available very soon. You must be a member of to access the download link.

YEY!  The presents Annie bought me in Japan came in!  I must share. Some manga spoilers for Szayel battle.

An official Renji and Ishida postcard. Too bad the boys aren't naked. Anyways, if someone sees any RenIshi doujinshi, lemme know.

A IshiHime doujin postcard. This scene is from right after Szayel tortured Ishida. Ah, if only this had really happened.

The covers of the two doujinshi Annie bought for me (Annie is SO SO SO SO sweet--she shipped these from Asia for me). The art is by BYPASS who does the best IshiHime art. The stories are lovely and in one, Orihime gives a kiss on the forehead to Ishida. I'll scan soon, I promise.

A page from one doujin (scanned by Annie so yeah, I'm slow--I'll get to these whole books, I swear.... I just have to walk to my dad's house--I can actually scan them there because they're not hentai and I won't feel like I'm defiling my dad's scanner or something)

And truly, as if Annie hadn't spoiled me enough, she bought me these Ishida and Orihime buttons. I think it's cool that their buttons are sold together. MERCHANDISING =CANON! YES! HAHA! well not really but we shippers will yell about anything.

The glare got Uryuu's face, sorry, but yes, they really sold the pins as a pair. ^________^ No, Annie didn't see anything Ichigo and Orihime sold as a pair and she says that even though she wanted to buy some, she couldn't find IchiOri doujinshi that wasn't hentai. There's really very very little IchiOri merchandising, and at the risk of infuriating IchiOri shippers (I CALL TRUCE--TODAY I FRIENDED AN ICHI-ORI GAL WHO IS REALLY COOL--WE BOTH SHIP AI-GIN TOGETHER--YESSSSSsssss), I do have to wonder why this so-called romance isn't being graced with merchandising or even chapter covers or spreads by the manga-ka. I blink once, twice, three times--I just do NOT see IchiOri.

UlquiHime.... haha, that's another story.

Anybody see an UlquiHime pair of potholders or anything let me know because I'll be all over that stuff like SWEET ON POCKY.
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