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Fanart (Ishida and Nemu) Fanfic Rec (IshiHime)

Ishida and Nemu. *laughs evilly*  Oh, and it's a nude of Nemu so it's NOT work safe.


You have to be a member of DA and over 17 to see it at that link I just realized so here:

These boobies are not normal. Let's just Mayuri did something to them because I got too tired trying to fix whatever was wrong with them.
Nemu came out looking a little drunk but I liked that.

Now for a fic from a comm I can't pimp enough, bleach_flashfic . There's never a shortage of good fic there.
There's a current sign-up going on for March and you can participate here. Join the fun!

Here's an Ishida and Orihime fic from that community. Beautiful, beautiful writing. Stick with the story until the end:

Nocturne by Empatheia (aka flashslut) , rated T
Tags: fanart, fic recs, ishida, ishihime, ishinemu, nemu
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