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Valentine's Poll Results, 310 spoilers, sentimental love for my fandom

Enthusiastic response to the Valentine pairings poll! Warmed the cockles (does anyone know what a cockle is? I don't) of my Valentine's heart to know how pansexual some of your Bleachers out there are. There really weren't enough ticky-boxes from the very beginning for me to include even my own favorites, and no Adam, you're not responsible for my Kenpachi/Unohana love--I wrote the pair three years ago. Also, girls, girls, I should not be chastised for having left Ma and Pa Shinigami (Ukitake and Unohana) off the lists! I've written them too--a story I don't like but other people seem to like it (warning, it's sad: Unohana's Secret).

I know Papa-lovers (Isshin/Ryuuken) hang in this community, but I deliberately didn't put that ticky box up in favor of the Ishida/Nemu one because I thought they'd be a whole slew of people who fancy that pairing here. (Ishida crazies tend to congregate around me). But only two people as of this evening checked Ishida/Nemu. I used to write that pair a lot--recent chapters starring her poison womb and smothering boobies killed that ship for me, but I thought those very things may have tickled the imaginations of pervs out there who like dominant robot girls holding down pretty boys and smothering them with boobs ...  Apparently not. I'm surprised. Those pervs must be elsewhere.

Anyway,hope everyone survived Valentine's Day!  I got very mushy watching the most shoujo chapter in all Bleach animated, but all thoughts of Bleach romance that were fanned by the airing of episode 160 (KAIEN-DONO! <3) were immediately put out with the appearance of chapter 310. BATTLE OF THE BEASTS!

Man, I love this chapter.

This chapter has me all ;ADLFKHKDHAH JHHGFJDKHJFHGJH because one, KEN-CHAN is just a glory to behold, two, Nnoi's release looks genuinely bad-ass and not ridiculous and guess what? I'm learning how to read manga fights. I followed the woofs and dashes of this chapter with a sense of LOOK AT THAT! instead of WTF this time. When the spoilers first came out, the predominance of the girls Yachiru and Orihime in the action had me all excited that either one of them might end up interfering but now I believe--as with Nemu--I'm going to be disappointed in that area. This is Ken-chan's fight.

Now, the question is--does Orihime have a new power or is Orihime's power only now finally being put into practice?  Look at her showing initiative! She bolts to protect Yachiru and her healing shield is strong enough to restrain Ichigo! This may be a convenient plot device to keep Ichigo out of the fighting if and when Ulquiorra arrives, but I'm hoping that Orihime's tearing away from Ichigo (she's obeyed him until now) and Ichigo's being surprised by the strength of the shield means that Orihime's time is a comin'.  I've been patient, Kubo. Please, please, let her moment be near.

In any event, it was a relief to have Ichigo put in his place by the formerly simpering maiden of the GJ chapters.

Ha. Yachiru kills me. I love Yachiru.  C'mon, Kubo, if you're not going to start Orihime's upswing and start giving us hints about her power, then make the predictable worth it:  Kenpachi flashback. Yachiru fighting. Ken calls the name of his sword. We want to see these things. Show them. Don't dilly dally. If you cut away to Byakuya  staring at clouds, we will head to Tokyo with torches and pickforks.

There was no Valentine's Day Spread. Then it was clarified to me that LAST WEEK was Shounen Jump's Valentine's issue. Oh well. Kaien-dono in the anime was more than enough for me. There is no heart without him. *sob*

Whilst all teary-eyed over episode 160, I wrote a sentimental contest entry for the IchiRuki FC over at BA that people liked (well, at least the fanclubbers). The entry was all about my gooey lub for the IchiRuki fandom, but I'm a Bleach whore and  could've written the piece about the Shini and the Arrancar-lovers or  Jackie and her IchiIshi leagues too.  I've been feeling an extreme fondness for the IchiOri fandom too lately--my first pals in the Bleach fandom were IchiOris, some of my best spats were with IchiOri crazy people, and here I've got kay_willow and norrowa who keep me from seeing the names Ichigo and Orihime together and going GAG, NO, FLEE THE SHIPWARRIORS. And you too, quaedam, like wut? You voted IchiOri as likely to become canon in the pairing poll thingie even though I know you ship IchiRuki HARD (along with ByaRen XD). You just graduated from MIT so you're not dumb. Ah, Kubo--as convinced as I am that your talent created the phenomenon that is the IchiRuki fandom, it's also responsible for the smaller feverent IchiOri madness too. You fed it glazed candies for Tanabata, you did!

Also, strangely enough, I've got some affection for those in that IchiOri fandom who hate me. They're pretty mild about it---cute, almost. If the worst they can do is call me "elitist" and complain about my "ego the size of Texas" then there's not really much for me to get miffed about. The few yaoi fangirls who (for reasons unknown--maybe because I shipped het too, maybe because I wrote their favorite uke seme) went after me last year attacked my parenting, my drawing skills and my purple prose. Yaoi fangirls can be hardcore. They can make a girlie like me cry.  IchiOri fans, to make a terrible generalization, tend to be Orihime-ish, full of idealism and naive expectations.  Kinda nice to a fault. The battle-worn wives and relationship weary older people I know tend to be in IchiRuki fandoms or in yaoi fandoms---just a personal observation.

You may throw eggs now.

Easter's coming soon, anyway. And with it, the resurrection of Szayel!
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