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I listened to the Rukia and Orihime Bleach Beat songs today.  Meh. Rukia's song isn't bad. Orihime's sucks. The duet is boring. "Holy War?" What the heck is that title supposed to mean? A holy war for Ichigo's heart? XDXDXD

I watched the latest eppy of the current anime and don't even remember what it was about, it was that boring. I'm just happy that we're returning to manga timeline and seeing Hirako soon.

Bleach dub (geez, there's plenty of Bleach in a week, isn't there?) The episodes are only exciting because I like to watch them imagining that I'm someone watching Bleach for the first time. I think I would be bored.  I don't think we're going to see an influx of new fans and fanfics until Renji and Byakuya show up.

Oh, almost forgot! Heard from the ship_manifesto mod this morning. Nothing unexpected:

Just read it. Firstly, good work. You did a bang-up job. Second,
regarding the possibility of wank, I think you could avoid that by
softening my arguments on why Ichigo/Orihime don't work and focus
almost exclusively on why Ishida/Orihime does. ..Comparing the two will only
bring about a debate (which I could trust the behavior of most fans
would be fine, but yeah... you know how that goes) about which pairing
seems more likely. ...

They were so nice to my letters, I feel I do owe the comm an essay, so I guess I'll be rewriting the thing. S'alright. It's not like I'm busy or anything...............
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