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Happy Valentine's Day 2008 Fanart (IchiRuki)

You know what's funny? Last year we were giggling over the coincidence of the anime airing the "That's the man in my heart" speech from Rukia to Ichigo on Valentine's Day, and this year we have the "There is no heart without you" scene from Kaien. Oh you goopy animators!

I did some art. <.<
Here's where some of my yaoi readers just have to hold themselves back from flinging fruit, but I love this pairing. It's the strongest, most egalitarian, most fully developed in Bleach (and in most manga!) Happy Valentine's Day, Ichigo and Rukia.

This is the linework and I'm showing it to you because I often mess up art when I fastidiously overwork and color and I really like my Ichigo here

Let's Go Home, Rukia: linework by debbiechan, coloring by Syn (thank you Syn for being a great art critic and dear friend)

IchiRuki Valentine 2008 by debbiechan
Tags: fanart, ichigo, ichiruki, rukia
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