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UlquiOri fanfic and Ishida drawing for ME, THANK YOU!

Indulge me, INDULGE ME. Another drawing for me by bananakaya  who is determined to drive me crazy with Ishida indulgence.

Ishida Cross Ad by bananakaya

You people are determined to make me feel loved. I was so disappointed in the anime slap scene and then vesperh, who is such an excellent author, assuaged my grief with this lovely little story:

How Before Became After (Orihime, Ulquiorra, G) by vesperh 

Dear bleachness community, if I haven't answered your comments or emails, it's because I have a helluva cold right now and I'm forgetting things. Sometimes a fandom obsession is hard work. Today I shall avoid laundry, Bleach, and the telephone and read Claymore. Thank you everyone for being part of such a fun, talented, insane fandom. Any ideas on if and when Yachiru will fight? My fingers are crossed. I want little pink girl meanness all over that sexist asshole Nnoi!
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