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Fanfic recs, the UlquiHime slap scene, and YES, I love Orihime

Two recent favorites by writers I always enjoy:

Breathe Ichigo, Grimmjow, PG13 by ravengirl76 

Helen Orihime, PG by firstmidnight 

I saw episode 159 of the anime and was sorely disappointed in the SLAP HEARD ROUND THE WORLD scene even as I was giddy over how well (sexy slinky fey and threatening) Szayel was animated. I realize that anime "reads" differently from manga but I've missed a few panels that were crucial in my manga worldview: Ishida looking O.O when Urahara tells him Hime is kidnapped, Ishida standing looking like a bona fide prince with shield and arrow when seele schneider is revealed and now the scene where Ulquiorra is all "..." outside Hime's room while she sobs. Some other scenes too. The Rukia fight with Aaro was good, I still hurt over the animation quality. Chad's face is hard to mess up--it's half-covered with hair, so why do we get basset hound faces of Chad?

Grr, I'm grouchy because I have yet another winter cold. Expect fic in which Bleach characters die.

A few days ago I heard that some fandom brats were saying that I wasn't a REAL Orihime fan (because I criticize her) and it bugs me that the remark still bugs me. It's not like someone challenged my Jewish identity, my motherhood, or my political allegiances. I can't seem to be able to start threads or talk about Orihime without the HOWDAREYOUINSULTOURHOLYPRINCESS? attitude popping up. Urk, I'm craving talk like Rebecca's  Unified Field Theory of Orihime.

*goes back to watch chibi Uryuu's move it, move it*  Kaya, this was a plot to hypnotize me wasn't it? So I  cant write or draw or sneeze?
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