cavisze (cavisze) wrote in bleachness,

revealings from the upcoming chap

Here is a certain someone striking
"Go up....Only go up

And here is some er,

  (sorry, I realize ya'll have already seen this... it's here for cohesiveness)

And even though a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a picture with words worth if you don't know Japanese?  So as to not give anything concrete away, here is a little peak at

Here is some dialogue.  Who says what will have to be guessed until we all get translated scantalations from all our various sources. I don't want to be a total spoilsport, you know.   Enjoy!

"I won't die from a sword from a like of you!"

"Pray, Saint Theresa!"

"The reiatsu is incredible.  I haven't felt this for a long time.  A reiatsu as if it could sharpen the sword.
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