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Pop poll, my Ishida poll, and meta-musings

Guess what? I love Ishida! But I alone didn't put him in fifth place in the pop poll (yes, I was ONE of those crazy people who sent in a whole box of postcards to Japan--I know at least of one other nut who's confessed to ballot-stuffing (asam/manfan/whatever it goes by these days) and my son sent in a box for Hitsugaya, but who else sent a box? CONFESS! Kon addressed us personally--he called us "creepy people" here --and yes, in Kon's world, creepy means something! He was in the Bounto arc!)

I'm not taking any credit for the Hitsugaya/Momo/Kira votes, though. Hats off to their Japanese fans and their special brand of crazy.

I'm still shuddering from the icy glare Hitsugaya gives us loser fans in that poll spread. Ice, ice, baby.

Meanwhile my Ishida Poll of a few weeks back continues to get mucho response. Thank you! The responses really haven't helped me sort through nuances of characterization in the fic I'm currently writing but it gives me much pleasure to know that 69 of you DISLIKE Ishida falling in love with Szayel  (personally, I'd like to believe in this many-spectacled romance--I just haven't read the fic that's sold that to me yet) and that 98 of you love dork!Ishida.

I fell in love with Ishida the moment he threw that plushie into the air and whipped out his mighty needle (yes, it is a needle but it is mighter than Zangetsu in my book). The fact that he can sew doll clothes like a samurai can slice sushi is what distinguishes Ishida from your more typical angsty Uchiha Sasuke foils to the earnest main character.
Kubo himself makes fun of Ishida, so fanfic that works the high comedy (you know, fart jokes, boob jokes) the way shounen manga can is irresistable to me.(Sometimes, though, Kubo's "fun" hits an off note--not too many fans have been happy with the way Mayuri, the Joseph Mengele of Soul Society, has been teasing Ishida for yuks lately, and there's nothing worse than unfunny comedy fic. But this is Bleach, folks, not Auschwitz-Birkenau).

Slightly more people (19-10) said they'd hurt themselves if I wrote a straight Ishida as opposed to hurting themselves if I wrote a gay Ishida. I write both so I'm wondering if I'm going to be liable for twenty-nine sexual-orientation related injuries in the Bleach fandom.

Not as many people as I'd hoped voted for a "controlling Ishida" (only 40?). I'm partial to seme!Ishida myself and to the neurotic character I've ficced who assuages all his insecurities with fake bravado. 51 of you confessed to liking an abused Ishida--which makes me suspect not of all you "let's HURT AND HUMILIATE the boy" fans voted. Kubo plays to this crowd too much himself--this week's chapter is evidence--for us not to be an obvious easy audience. I suspect that half of Ishida's fans either want to braid his hair or tie him up with tentacles. I myself have come to terms with the fact that I go NO!NO!NO!YUCK NO! whenever Kubo (or some anime filler writer) throws something snakey and disgusting around Ishida, but the truth is I love it.... as long as he goes free in the end, that is. Give me a good scare, not a coronary.

As for my own fic, I promise to not use Ishida Uryuu as my own emotional punching bag next time. (MAYBE I'll take out my frustrations on Real People--some fans have been putting their own heads on the chopping block lately and I'm itching to write TEH I HATE JUU RLY essay... one more "I hate your sig and I have a life unlike you" remark in my inbox... just one more....).

I currently am working on two stories that are for my two favorite pairing fandoms in Bleach. IchiRuki and IchiIshi. Not my two favorite pairings, my two favorite fandoms. Why those two? IchiIshi I love for the art and fic. Yaoi fangirls can be cats on a hot tin roof sort of crazy but they're smart enough to avoid the big forums and truth be told, I enjoy their detachment from canon and weekly chapter installments. Some of the best writers I know don't even follow the manga faithfully. The Ishida of the doujinshi world isn't my favorite but I love him---I see more of dork!Ishida there. Also intense!yaoi!fangirls tend to be a notch wittier than your average "dude, that release pwned!" types, and what the hell, for all my feminist credentials, I'm a GIRL. That means I want stories and musings about emotions and pics of pretty nekkie mens.

The IchiRuki fandom is a huge, lively ship. You ain't seen crazy until you've waded them waters but it's not a gooey romantic kissy-poo ship. Actually, the IchiIshi fandom is more likely to put its pair into a romantic, ruffly Ralph Lauren ad than the IchiRuki fandom, and here's where my tomboy girlie gets her kicks.  My friend Guildenstern only today summed up the fandom in a response to a fanclub essay challenge (IchiRukis tend to be such texual analysis nerds):

Speaking as a person who does not belong to this FC and never posts here, Ms. Lolly McBourbon Guildenstern will now write a small entry on 'What "IchiRuki" Means To Me'. sorry syn


"IchiRuki" means to me that when I'm drunk on a Friday night, and I've gone through all the girly liquor and I'm just starting in on the hard shit and I'm desperate for something to amuse me....I can go home, get on the internet, open my browser, and just....look for Bleach stuff. Without fail, there will be somebody, SOMEWHERE, who has a personal issue with IchiRuki and will trip all over their own shoes in an attempt to 'disprove' it, often making themselves look retarded in the process. As you might imagine, this is of great amusement to me as I am a horrible bitter old meanie who enjoys the schadenfreude of others. Or so I've been told.

Also usually when I'm on BA, somebody in here will translate something from SOULs or VIBEs, and then I have to come in because...well, damn. Translations. You should have just hung out a sign that says 'Guildy, enter here'. So, IchiRuki means something to me in the sense that "IchiRuki fans provide me with good translations and lolz, other FCs just provide me with lolz and lolcows."

Also IchiRuki has the best fetish porn.

This is What IchiRuki Means To Me.

Lolly Guildenstern

PS. When I win your contest for my insightful essay, plz send candy c/o Syn.

And I like the IchiRuki fandom because it bitching mows over other parts of the fandom with its snark and talent. The puerile sarcasm of other fans can't compare. I wish more of those fab yaoi doujinshi artists would draw het porn, but there's no lack of beautiful IchiRuki art. I can't wait to see some of the G-rated doujinshi my IchiRuki friend bought in Japan--so much of the heart and humor of Bleach is in the IchiRuki and Kurosaki family interactions. I mean, I loves the Shinigami and the Arrancar too, but I have a special place in my heart for those Rukia-in-Ichigo's-closet days.

What else, what else.... the IchiRuki fandom has also weathered the worst wank in Bleach so hanging with the old timers in that crowd gives me street cred!

I was reading some meta over at metafandom yesterday in which a fan boasted of "street cred" from having survived the HP wank. I've seen some of the worst and been hit with the biggest water balloons (you know it's baaad when someone writes you as an over-sexed OC into a Bleach fanfic) but I like to think I'm still a baby in fandom. The Bleach fandom isn't so bad and so far no one's died. At the same time that I was losing patience with the same old idiots on the forums, a friend I admire recently got a great deal of amusement from the wild and wonderful world of Bleach fan wankage while her mom was in the ICU.

Like, wow.

THAT'S the attitude.

Keep those graphics and icons from the pop poll spread coming, folks. I'm hoping against hope that Kubo-sensei draws Ulquiorra in that little green scarf in a larger, more proper spread.  And please, people, write some good Valentine's and White Day fic.
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