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Renji has eyebrows! I celebrate with FANART!

Syn and Justine, you can make fun of me all you want but I am still celebrating the fact that Renji has eyebrows and that Primera Espada on BA discovered confirmation of them in the All Colour but the Black artbook. I just love that my Kubo pays attention to details like that--he draws the red eyebrows first and then colors over them in black. There's even evidence he does the real eyebrows in a fuzz pattern in the black and white pages.

So I drew this. Renji eyebrow diagram gratis of NakeBeniHime.

Deviant Art link: Boyfriend

Now I said I was going to drag out my yaoi scholarship and look up what it means when a samurai has shaved temples like Renji does. LB7 reminded me that Renji's hairstyle was Edo period but I seem to remember the hair-style signifying something about sexual availability. Does anyone know?
Tags: fanart, kubo tite, renji
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