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Fanart ICHIRUKI and why does Kubo dash all my BL dreams?

Okay, I took a break from a mad yaoi sketching binge to actually color a pic. It's stupid shiny matador on black velvet style but I had fun doing it.

Deviantart link: Bleach by debbiechan


Okay, I'm about to say something that usually gets me pelted with hate mail, but please folks, it's just my opinion here.  Take it or leave it, like the Szayel esoterica my sweet deathlike posts here or just play along with me but ....

Why does Kubo keep dashing my BL dreams? Those of you who know me know I slash just about everyone, but since joining the Bleach fandom I've had two yaoi ships dearest to my heart--two I could even conceive of as (winces) canon outside fanfiction with just a little nudging around of events and some over-interpretation of Kubo's sex jokes. Aizen and Ulquiorra was my  favorite Bleach yaoi-ship until the UlquiHime slap on Valentine's Day last year and then I started to see discouraging evidence of my Ulqui's hetereosexuality. Alas! Didn't stop me from writing Ulqui slash but I must admit a little part of me got depressed.

Likewise, after 306....

Renji and Ishida got turned on watching/hearing Nemu's "sexual healing."  Yeah, yeah, I know in my fic I make em bi-curious and all that, but this last chapter kinda hit me on the head with oh look at that, Renji and ISHIDA think Nemu is hot.

Of course, as someone on capslock_bleach told me, the boys could've been getting excited over Mayuri, but I don't want to go there....
I still have some parameters of sanity....

Also, the IshiNemu ship's sorta been sunk too.  I used to like it quite a bit (well, give me Ishida and just about anyone and I like it) but Nemu's sexual precocity always seemed inappropriate for our young virgin white knight ... and now, well---she's just a taunting figure. The way Yoruichi was for Ichigo in the SS arc.... and no one really ships Ichigo and Yoru despite the overt sexual tension there was between the pair.

Nemu's too naughty for my Ishida.  Eh... it was a dark ship anyway. But Renji! Oh, he had his arm around Ishida and was fussing after him like some Jewish mama but ...

*snaps fingers*

I think Renji's straight. T_____________T
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