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Thank you to my girl Annie who is in Japan right now buying me an Ishida! Here is a translation of the summary of 306. The Chinese scan is also out now for those who want pictures. Check BA. <3


From here

Bleach 306- Not perfect is GOoD

Szayel looks like a dead person and keeps screaming, “Hurry Hurry Hurry. Just Hurry up and kill me!!!”. Mayuri blankly looks at Szayel and says, “The perfect creature? There is no perfect thing in the world. That’s why normal beings worship ‘the perfection’ and hope for it.”

“However…do you know the meaning of ‘perfection?’ It means nothing. I hate ‘perfection’ because if it’s perfect then there is nothing to go on. There is no place for ‘creation’. There is no place for knowledge.”

“Do you get it? For scientists like us ‘perfection’ means ‘no hope’. Whatever we created, we must not make it perfect. Scientists must live with this and see the joy in the end.” Then Mayuri breaks Ashisogi Jizôu and leave it stabbed through Szayel’s heart. Ishida sees that so he asked if it’s OK. Mayuri says as he can make a new one as long as the hilt is there and added, “the weapon that dare against the owner deserve to be broken for once.”

Mayuri then looks the broken concretes and building. He calls Nemu but soon realizes she’s still injured (and dried). He comes to Nemu and starts to heal her. (No idea what he did but Nemu was moaning and Ishida and Renj were blushing like mad). After Nemu gets healed Ishida asks what he just did. But Mayuri ignores Ishida and orders Nemu to lift those broken building. (and DondoJack and Pesshe were there, so they got thrown out as well)

Mayuri finally sees the gate and walls for a building. Ishdia mumbles what could it be and Mayuri replies, “Of course, the scientists will build their experiment room stronger than anywhere else. The place we never wanted it destroy is the place where we keep the entire resources from all over the world.” He opens the door and what they see is something at looks like lower parts two bodies hanging.

Cuts to Kenpachi. Nnoitora is telling him that he has the strongest iron skin and shinigami’s sword can never cut him.

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