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Awesome epic Szayel-Mayuri-Nemu fanart, and 306 spoiler pic

Wah! I love this


Deviant art link: Mayuri versus Szayel by shirofushicho

And now the 306 spoiler pic

Renji's blushing, Ishida's blushing, NEMU the supposed robot is blushing.

Surprise, surprise, she's fine, but what's everyone blushing about?

The important part of this chapter, I suppose, is that Mayuri finds something interesting (Ichigo's reiatsu sample?) among the debris in Szayel's lab (he's still suffering in endless torture btw and begging to die), but I'm wondering WTH is everybody blushing? Did Kubo--GASP!--make some sort of sexual joke?

Oh well, translations will be up soon.
Tags: bleach manga, fanart, ishida, mayuri, nemu, renji, szayel
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